Secure (HDS) hosting

Prestation Description Rate
HDS project (public structure or association) Hosting of a unique eCRF by us 100€/month
HDS project (private structure) Hosting of a unique eCRF by us 100€/month/participating center
Forfait HDS Hosting of a Goupile domain (with unlimited number of eCRFs) by us Quotation

Additional services

Service Description Rate
SMS Sending of automated SMS for connection, reminders, or other (programmable from Goupile) 0.1€/SMS
2nd level domain Purchase and management of a 2nd level domain (e.g. instead of 5€/month
Mirror Server Simultaneous replication of data on a secondary server, fast failover (< 1h) in the event of failure of the main server[1] 100€/month

With this option, the disaster recovery time is reduced from 24-48 hours to 1 hour, and data less than 24 hours will be available. Without this option, you still benefit from a daily backup, deported to another datacenter, and recoverable in 24-48 hours. ↩︎


Training sessions are currently carried out in video with a trainer accustomed to the use of Goupile.

Session Description Duration Rate
First steps Presentation of Goupile (monitoring, data entry, form design), design of simple forms (widgets, organization into sections), publishing 1 to 2 hours 100€/person
Advanced Creation of a complete eCRF (conditions, error handling, multiple and linked pages and tables) 2 hours 100€/person
Monitoring Work in progress 2 hours 100€/person

It is also possible to organize more specific training according to your needs (for example: integration of a dynamic experience with video streaming and answers to questions that can be done online).

Design assistance

Prestation Description Rate
Design assistance Requests by tickets and emails for help in developing your eCRF 100€/month
eCRF creation Development of a complete eCRF by our team Quotation
New ffeatures Add features to Goupile specifically for your needs Quotation